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Parques De Sintra Parque E Palacio Da Pena

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National Palace of Pena

Parques De Sintra Parque E Palacio Da Pena Sala Fumo

The Palace of Pena Smoking Room followed the fashion common to 19th century revivalist residences: this incorporated an Islamic style in reference to the water pipes that served to typify this culture.


In the Portuguese revivalist context, the reference to the Islamic past was made through art connecting with the Moorish period on the Iberian Peninsula, which remained long after the Christian reconquest, becoming denominated as Mudéjar Art. In this case, it was the ceiling of the Palace of Sintra Chapel, dating to the 14th century, that served as the model for the Smoking Room ceiling.


The oak furniture was commissioned in 1866 from the Lisbon House of Barbosa e Costa. The display is finished with a reproduction of the original textiles from the time of the monarchy.


This room also served the function of Music Room.