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Parques De Sintra Parque E Palacio Da Pena

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National Palace of Pena

Parques De Sintra Parque E Palacio Da Pena Quinta Pena

Situated in the western stretches of the Park of Pena, the farm was established in 1843 in keeping with the concept of Ferme Ornée (Ornamental Farm), in which the productive and scenic functions combined to provide pleasant “countryside walks” within the romantic framework of the arboretum of Pena.

Parques De Sintra Parque E Palacio Da Pena Abegoaria E Quinta Da Pena

The central point and dominant feature of the Pena Farm is the Stables, a building designed to provide support to the agricultural activities, stables and a barn for storing feed for the animals and farm equipment. 


This complex also contains greenhouses, a set of constructions installed to produce species for planting throughout the Park. The greenhouses formed, over the course of time, a fundamental dimension to the Park of Pena arboretum and are key to maintaining its botanical collection.