15 to 30 January: temporary closure under the current State of Emergency

Cafeterias and Restaurants

In Parques de Sintra Cafeterias you can find a selection of hot dishes, salads, sandwiches, pastries and regional sweets, as well as hot drinks, refreshments, wines and beer. 

We meet specific dietary needs. Please inform our staff on site if you have any food restrictions. 

By purchasing items at Parques de Sintra Cafeterias you are contributing to the safeguarding and enhancement of the Cultural Landscape of Sintra, a World Heritage Site. 

The Parques de Sintra Cafeterias are open daily, except on December 25th and January 1st.

Moorish Castle


Located inside the castle walls, this cafeteria with a pleasant terrace offers the possibility to extend your stay in this monument. 


The former Moorish Castle Guard House was adapted into a cafeteria. With a roof terrace where an outdoor seating space is installed, it provides pleasant moments of relaxation, overlooking the mountains. This equipment is temporarily closed.

D 04679 (1) (1)

National Palace of Sintra


Located in one of the interior courtyards of the National Palace of Sintra and featuring a water mirror and running water, in the Moorish style, the Lion Patio cafeteria offers a pleasant interior space and a terrace, which allows you to extend your stay in this monument. It is accessible from the outside through the gardens, which are free to access.

Luis Duarte PSML 8300 (1) (1)

Park e National Palace of Pena


Restaurant temporarily closed due to maintenance intervention

from 2 December at 4 pm to 4 December.

Located on the upper floor of the neo-Indian building that originally housed the palace stables, the Palace Restaurant is located in the Room of Arches. From its windows there is a superb view of the park and palace. 


With a pleasant terrace overlooking the Garden of Queen Amelia, this cafeteria is located next to the main entrance of Parque da Pena.

Restaurante Palaciopena Credits PSML Wilsonpereira 2014 79 (1) (1) (1)

National Palace and Gardens of Queluz


With free access from the exterior, the cafeteria in the Robillion Pavillion offers cafeteria and restaurant services. Its outdoor seating area, located on the terrace of the Robillion Pavilion, offers serene views of the gardens, overlooking the Canal dos Azulejos. 

Cafetaria Nova Pnqueluz Credits PSML WP 16 82 (1) (1)

Palace and Gardens of Monserrate


This pleasant Tea House in the heart of the Park of Monserrate, installed in the old stables building, offers cafeteria and restaurant services.

Cafe Loja Colunas Credits PSML WP 14 48 (1) (1)