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Privacy Policy

The protection of privacy and personal data is a priority and a commitment for Parques de Sintra. The policies in question regulate good privacy practices, within the scope of Parques de Sintra's activity, and are implemented in all its platforms, websites and other services. Personal data provided during the interaction with the various services will be treated with a guarantee of adequate security and confidentiality, in accordance with the measures required by the legal framework regarding the protection of personal data.


The privacy policy reflects the measures undertaken by the organisation for the protection and treatment of personal data, provided within the scope of Parques de Sintra's activity, informing all users about the requirements for data processing, direct marketing strategies and the legal rights of all users regarding the treatment of their data or their opposition to the respective treatment.


The cookie policy contains information about the cookies used in the digital domain of Parques de Sintra, namely, the cookies essential for the correct functioning of the digital platform, the cookies installed after users' consent and all the purposes and functionalities of their use. Additionally, it informs all users how to disable their use, so that their privacy is duly protected, even though this compromises the performance of the digital platforms in question.