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Lui̚s Duarte PSML 9792

Guided Visitas

Make the most of your visit

Discover the heritage with guided visits

Have you noticed the narrative which is ‘hidden’ in the walls of the Picnic Room at the Palace of Queluz?


And the one concealed within the words written on the ceiling of the Magpie Room of the National Palace of Sintra?


The reason why the Palace of Pena carries a drawbridge never aroused your curiosity?


There are details in the monuments of Sintra that determine the way we understand them, and the accompaniment of a specialized guide, who reveals all the precious information that Parques de Sintra researchers are continually uncovering about the monuments’ History, collections and lives from the past, will certainly enrich your visiting experience.


Understanding the meaning of an architectural detail or a simple decorative element will enable you to see the monuments of Sintra in a different perspective.