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Who we are

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Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua, S.A. (PSML is an exclusively publicly funded company, established in 2000 following the classification of Sintra’s Cultural Landscape as a World Heritage Site (1995). Its aim was to bring together the institutions responsible for safeguarding and enhancing this landscape, and the Portuguese State entrusted the management of its main estates in the area to the company. It does not make use of State Budget, which means that the restoration and maintenance of the heritage it manages are covered by income from ticket sales, shops, cafeterias and rental of event spaces.

 Shareholders of PSML include:

  • the General Directorate of the Treasury and Finances (35%),
  • the Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e Florestas, I.P. (Institute of Nature Conservation and Forests) (35%)
  • Turismo de Portugal, I.P. (the Portuguese Tourism Office) (15%)
  • and Sintra Town Council (15%).

Establishment of the company

  • Decree Law No. 215/2000 of 2 September: The exclusively public limited company Parques Sintra-Monte da Lua was established.
  • Decree Law No. 292/2007 of 21 August: The composition of shareholders and the board of directors was altered and the company was granted the management of the Palace of Pena.
  • Decree Law No. 205/2012 of 31 August: DL no. 215/2000, of 2 September, was altered for a second time, once again changing the shareholder structure and granting the company the management of the National Palaces of Sintra and Queluz and the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, based in Queluz.
  • Because the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art was a public service granted to the Alter Real Foundation, DL no. 205/2012 also altered DL no 48/2007, of 27 February.
  • DL no. 109/2013, of 1 August, dissolved the Alter Real Foundation and delegated to Companhia das Lezírias, S.A. all responsibilities relating to the preservation of the genetic animal heritage of the Lusitana, Sorraia and Garrano breeds. The same Decree Law transferred to Parques de Sintra the public service attributes relating to the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.

Statute approved by unanimous written consent on 20/09/2018

State supervision powers and shareholder function

State Shareholder (35%): General Directorate of the Treasury and Finances

Responsible organisms: 

  • Ministry of Finance – financial supervision
  • Ministry of Environment and Climate Action - sectorial supervision

Financial information

  • Tax ID: 505174839
  • Legal Status: Public Limited Company
  • Headquarters: Monserrate Park, Estrada de Monserrate, 2710-405 SINTRA
  • District: Lisbon
  • Municipality: Sintra
  • Parish: S.Maria and S.Miguel, S.Martinho, S.Pedro Penaferrim
  • Registered in Sintra Commercial Registry Office under number 505174839
  • Most recent version of the Statutes – DL 205/2012 of 31 August