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General conditions of sale

The general conditions of sale stipulate the terms of purchase and sale of tickets through the website. It is recommended that you read them carefully before completing the purchase order.

Important information

  • Tickets are non-refundable, except in the event of a date or cancellation.
  • Keep your ticket safe and always confirm the details on it.
  • Tickets cannot be sold, offered or used for any commercial or promotional purposes.
  • Whenever requested it is mandatory to present proof of age.
  • Admission may be subject to prior inspection by the competent authorities of personal belongings, body searches or screening tests.
  • Admission may be refused to anyone who appears to exhibit unorderly or aggressive behaviour.
  • The following are expressly forbidden: the admission of people holding objects that may be considered dangerous or accompanied by animals; selling or offering any objects without proper authorization; entering the site with food products; smoking within the site, according to the legislation in force.
  • During the events: entering the room while the event is taking place is not allowed, unless under express authorization by the attendants; the use of cameras or any image and sound recorders is not allowed without prior authorization.
  • By purchasing this ticket you will be accepting all the conditions described above.