01/07/2022: Portuguese School of Equestrian Art closed. See “Plan your visit/Opening times and prices”/// Palace of Pena: interior visit by time slots only; verify the entrance date and time on your ticket; there is no delay tolerance

Event Venues

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Private celebrations

Weddings, ceremonies, anniversaries

Corporate events

Meetings, brand, product or project launches 

In the past, Sintra was part of the grand plans and fantasies of kings and aristocrats, who built palaces here and planted gardens and forests, creating a perfect romantic atmosphere and a dreamlike environment.

The dreams of today can also become part of the History of Sintra through the creation of new memories, special moments, unforgettable images and incomparable events.

Consult the Brochure and Regulations to find out more about the various venues made available by Parques de Sintra for holding events in the vast historical heritage managed by the company, including the respective characteristics and rules of operation for each space.  You can also find the accessibility conditions of each space on this site.

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Dream your perfect event

Ever dreamed of getting married on the terrace of the incomparable National Palace of Pena, with its privileged view over the Sintra Hills?

Can you imagine celebrating your love, union and commitment of 50 years of marriage in a ceremony in front of the unique Palace of Monserrate?

Ever daydreamed about organising your company's event at the National Palace of Queluz? Can you imagine your guests enjoying a sunset cocktail in the upper gardens of the Palace and dinner in the luxurious Throne Room?

Would you like to present your brand, new product or project in the Swan Room of the National Palace of Sintra, where the royal court held banquets, musical soirées and public receptions up until the 19th century?

Choose the right monument for your event

Event Venues

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Should the National Palace and Gardens of Queluz or the National Palace of Sintra be commandeered for state events, any events scheduled for coinciding dates may have to be cancelled.

Restrictions applicable to the entire range of heritage under the management of Parques de Sintra:
- Smoking is forbidden with the exception of outdoor spaces duly signposted with ashtrays.
- It is forbidden to glue, support or affix any type of object to the built or natural heritage.

COVID-19 Prevention

  • Maximum number of participants in accordance with the recommendations of the Directorate-General of Health - venue capacities subject to change;
  • Wearing of facemasks and other individual protection equipment by Parques de Sintra members of staff;
  • In indoor spaces, obligatory usage of facemasks or face shields, except during the meal (> 10 years old);
  • Encouraging the regular washing of hands;
  • Stepping up the frequency of cleaning and systematically disinfecting the areas and equipment;
  • Respect the minimum safety distance;
  • Parques de Sintra has signed up to the Turismo de Portugal initiative and was awarded the “Clean and Safe”stamp reflecting its commitment to follow an internal protocol, designed according to the General Directorate of Health recommendations, which guarantees the application of safe procedures for reducing the risk of COVID-19 contagion through functioning tourism activities.