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Parques De Sintra Parque E Palacio De Monserrate

Points of Interest

Park and Palace of Monserrate

Parques De Sintra Parque E Palacio De Monserrate Sala Musica

This was considered the main hall in the palace, the key place for receiving and interacting with guests. This was where music would be made, the great social entertainment of the afternoons and evenings throughout the residence of the Cook family and their guests during their summers in Sintra. Hence, the entire structure and decoration of this room converge around the excellence of its acoustics, which is the case not just for this room but also the entire house throughout which music easily propagates. At the base of the cupola, there are busts of Apollo, the muses and Saint Cecilia (patron saint of music), symbolically crowning the musical afternoons and evenings that were performed during the Cook residence and which today may be enjoyed by the public during the music cycles held in this venue.