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Parques De Sintra Convento Dos Capuchos

Points of Interest

Convent of the Capuchos

Parques De Sintra Convento Dos Capuchos Enfermarias

Four rooms opened onto the infirmary atrium, two of which were cells for the sick. In this section of the convent, there was also an Apothecary, a room that stored the medicines and similar, at the entrance of which there was a small brazier that served to boil water to make medicinal infusions and, eventually, to burn aromatic herbs to purify tainted airs.


In the same area of the convent used for treating illnesses of the body, there were also treatments for the spirit and the reason we find here the only room in the convent that has no windows. This room, designated the Penitential Cell, provided for a thorough withdrawal into darkness for meditation and reflection as, in darkness, there would be no disturbance by unwanted distractions.