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Parques De Sintra Convento Dos Capuchos

Points of Interest

Convent of the Capuchos

Parques De Sintra Convento Dos Capuchos Corredor Celas

This area was reserved for intimate meditation and reflection, and was restricted to only resident friars. The interior of the cell was the only place where a friar might be alone with God.


The small scale of the doorways, very low and narrow, would thereby force them to display a posture of humility before Divine intimacy, kneeling in order to enter this space. The scant area within the cells was, however, sufficient for the needs of a friar. They did not sleep in beds but rather on the floor, consenting only to the comfort provided by a straw mattress or a sheet of cork.


The end of the corridor of the cells is marked by a step that served to define the boundary of this intimate area within which one was to rigorously observe complete silence.