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Parques De Sintra Castelo Dos Mouros

Points of Interest

The Moorish Castle

Parques De Sintra Castelo Dos Mouros Necropole Medieval Crista

This was the site of a Christian medieval necropolis (12th-14th centuries) located over the former Islamic medieval neighbourhood (10th-12th centuries).


The Islamic populations who inhabited the castle did so on the most sheltered side of the hills, with remains surviving of their homes, an oven and silos. Following the conquest by Afonso Henriques, the neighbourhood was destroyed and used as a Christian burial site serving the Church of São Pedro de Canaferrim with the graves each containing more than one individual (adults, children and adolescents in the same area).


The archaeological excavation of the cemetery demonstrated it remained in use for around 300 years. There were also finds of many artefacts with a Neolithic chronology, with one of the most relevant finds being a complete vase typical of those produced in the 5th century BC.