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Programs of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art Galas

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The monthly Galas of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art recreate the atmosphere that existed at the Portuguese court in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Usually performed to the sound of music of the baroque, pre-classical and classical periods, these shows evoke a refined and engaging environment that transports the public to the time of the Picaria Real, with various equestrian exercises such as the Airs Above the Ground the the Court Games.

There are several resources at your disposal to follow the Gala:

  • By accessing the page with the show's program,
  • by using the "Arte Equestre" app, which allows you to follow the shows of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art in real time in an innovative and interactive experience (the download is free),
  • by downloading the digital brochure containing detailed information about the show.
  • The text with the Gala voiceover is also available for independent reading.