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Gala of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art: Light of the Liberal and Noble Art of Cavalry - Manoel Carlos d’Andrade

Horse Running Free

  • Ninja with Vasco Gaiolas Pinto

Carousel of Young Horses

  • Oboé with Carlos Tomás
  • Paquete with José Gaiolas
  • Nublado with Miriam Dourado 
  • Machado with Carolina Martins
  • Ojota with Paulo Pires
  • Ojier with Mariana Boavida

Picaria Real

Pas de 2

  • Hiihoro with João Quintas
  • Grainho with Rui Almeida

Long Reins

  • Gasquete with Emanuel Lucas


  • Hojival with Carolina Martins
  • Jaque with Vasco Gaiolas Pinto | João Maria Diniz (capriole by hand)
  • Jacaré with João Quintas (levade by hand)
  • Lajeado with Nuno Vicente (riding capriole)
  • Gahucho with Rui Almeida (riding levade)
  • Local with Carlos Tomás | Miriam Dourado


Court Games

  • Ijaque with Emanuel Lucas
  • Marvão with João Maria Diniz
  • Gniqui with José Gaiolas
  • Xajeco with Luís Raposo


  • Hihufi with Nuno Vicente


  • Hihato with Carlos Tomás
  • Jacal with Vasco Gaiolas Pinto
  • Groque with Luís Raposo
  • Dihário with Mariana Boavida 
  • Barão with Miriam Dourado
  • Jeremias with José Gaiolas
  • Jerarquico with João Maria Diniz
  • Elvético with Carolina Martins

Technical information

  • Director:
    • Daniel Silva
  • Technical Coordination:
    • Bruno Caseirão
  • Riders:
    • João Pedro Rodrigues (Guest Master-Chief Rider);
    • Francisco Bessa de Carvalho (Guest Master Rider);
    • João Quintas (Master Rider);
    • Vasco Gaiolas Pinto (Rider);
    • Rui Almeida (Rider);
    • Carlos Tomás (Rider);
    • Luís Raposo (Rider);
    • Nuno Vicente (Rider);
    • Emanuel Lucas (Rider);
    • Mariana Boavida (Assistant Rider);
    • João Maria Diniz (Assistant Rider);
    • Carolina Martins (Assistant Rider);
    • Paulo Pires (Assistant Rider);
    • José Gaiolas (Assistant Rider);
    • Miriam Dourado (Rider Assistant).
  • Grooms:
    • Nuno Deveza (Head Groom);
    • Catarina Tomás;
    • Rui Silva;
    • Cláudio Martins;
    • Fábio Pereira;
    • Hugo Cardoso;
    • Catarina Cabaça;
    • Pedro Campos;
    • Zulmiro Malaquias;
    • Maria Isidro;
    • Fernandes Neves;
    • Pedro Lourenço.
  • Administrative team:
    • Rute Luís;
    • Cristina Oliveira;
    • Sónia Sousa.
  • Veterinary team:
    • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Lisbon
  • Shoeing team:
    • Daniel Teles;
    • Diogo Macedo.
  • Voice over:
    • António Serrano
  • App Equestrian Art:
    • Pedro Trocado

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