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Festival Berlin

The association MeetShareDance was founded in 2012 in Madrid, Spain, to support dance, creativity and art for people with and without disabilities, and to create an international network for professionals and amateurs in Europe and the rest of the world. This association provides an educational program that offers inclusive dance classes and workshops, organizes conferences, and promotes, fosters and demonstrates diversity within the field of performing arts, dance and theatre practice in Spain and abroad. The aim is to promote inclusive artistic practice and generate a public space that enhances cultural exchange and artistic development for individuals and groups working with different artistic forms.

This association is based in Madrid where leads regular dance classes, giving voice to different artistic forms. It is also involved in a group for architectural barriers in Madrid. It designs and develops educational programs and vocational, artistic and technical training for artists with and without disabilities. It especially focuses on promoting both cultural and artistic exchange and growth arising from the creative encounter. In the past eight years, it has been working with more than 500 students per year and leading number of teacher training.

This association constantly collaborates on the international level, co-producing dance performances, collaborating with different smaller dance groups, participating at dancetheory orientated events and organizing smaller project on the local level. On the international level, it has organized International dance festivals for 8 years, where more than 500 people with and without disabilities participated. This festival is especially important as it puts emphasis on the education of future teachers, theatre directors, and educators to learn how to program and establish inclusive practices within their work environment. Since 2012, the festival was held in seven different countries: Spain, Slovenia, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Portugal and Northern Ireland. The street parade, performances and open conferences reached other communities as well. The association has also been collaborating with public libraries in Madrid, universities and city halls through a performing arts program and several dance improvisation workshops. In the past 2 years it has established a Dance Company – MSD -  and has been selected in several international festivals, performing on different stages and outdoors.