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Jouer 2015

AGML is a group of eleven pre-school, basic and secondary schools, based at the Santa Maria secondary school, located at Rua Pedro Cintra, in Portela de Sintra. AGML was created in July 2012, within the reorganisation of the Sintra educational network. It serves the parishes of Santa Maria and São Miguel, São Martinho, São Pedro de Penaferrim and Colares. In territorial terms, these parishes cover an area of 95km2, which is equivalent to 30.2% of the municipality of Sintra. As for the demographic weight, according to the 2011 Census, these parishes encompass  37 219 inhabitants, which corresponds to 9.9% of the resident population in the municipality of Sintra.

However, AGML's area of influence goes beyond the limits of the parishes where it operates. Particularly, in secondary education it also attracts students from the neighbouring parishes of Algueirão-Mem Martins, São João das Lampas, Terrugem, Pero Pinheiro and Montelavar. AGML's territory is dominated by the Sintra hills – “Monte  a Lua”, or the mountain of the moon –, a landscape of an enormous natural and cultural significance characterized by its natural, historical and social diversity.

AGML has more then two decades of experience with European projects, namely Lingua, Socrates, Comenius, and Erasmus KA1 and KA2 programmes. AGML has also established strong partnerships with several schools at an international level (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, França, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, the United Kingdom, Czechia, Sweeden and Turkey).