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Event Venues | Park and National Palace of Pena

The National Palace of Pena stands out as the renowned jewel in the crown of the Sintra Hills. The surrounding park, in close harmony with the magical character of the palace, triggers emotions of mystery and discovery. In its nooks and corners, our gaze gets lost amongst its charms.

The coloured tones of the palace, the pinnacle of Romanticism in Portugal and the eternal legacy of Ferdinand II, the King-Artist, opens the doors to the imagination of all those who cross its threshold, with the infinite shades of green painting the surrounding park establishing an idyllic scenario, frequently hidden under the veil of the mists that characterise the Sintra Hills. As if having stepped out of a fairy tale, this has been the place of dreams for all the generation who have passed here and gazed upon its magnificence.

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Palácio Nacional da Pena


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Private and corporate events

PNP Sala Dos Veados

Stag Terrace

Outdoor area with a dazzling view over the Sintra hills and the palace, closely located next to the Stag Room.

Capacity: 30 pax sitting

Accessibility: Access through staircase

Characteristics: Privileged view over the surrounding landscape.


PNP Pátio Dos Veados Bx

Room of Arches

Restaurant located on the last floor of the old stables of the palace, where one can appreciate a meal while enjoying the Park of Pena stunning landscape.

Capacity: 120 pax sitting | 160 pax standing

Accessibility: Elevator. Accessible to people with mobility restrictions

Characteristics: Versatility and acoustics enhanced by the room’s ceiling architecture

PNP Sala Dos Arcos Bx

Palace Auditorium

Room originally used as the Crown Prince Luís’ private chambers (office, bedrooms and toilette). Today it is an open circular space with wooden floor and natural light.

Capacity: 60 pax sitting

Accessibility: Access through staircases

Characteristics: 360º view over the Sintra Hills, the Atlantic Ocean, Cascais and Lisbon

PNP Auditório Palácio Bx

Stables Auditorium

The Auditorium is located in the Stables of the Pena Farm, which was once the main building that supported the agricultural activities in the ornamental farm of the Park of Pena, which created a recreational bucolic scenario.

Capacity: 60 pax sitting

Accessibility: Accessible to people with mobility restrictions

Characteristics: It is possible to associate the use of this venue with other activities, whether inside the building or in the exterior


PNP Auditório Abegoaria Bx Rd

Palace Kitchen Terrace

The largest of the many terraces of the National Palace of Pena, located next to the cafeteria and the Triton’s Terrace, with a view over Cascais and the city of Lisbon on sunny days.

Capacity: 120 pax sitting | 160 pax standing

Accessibility: Accessible to people with mobility restrictions

Characteristics: Outdoor terrace with a priviledged view over the surrounding landscape, the High Cross and the Statue of the Warrior

PNP Terraço Da Cozinha Do Pal+Acio

Garden of the Chalet of the Countess of Edla

The chalet was built by King Ferdinand II and Elise Hensler, Countess of Edla. It was used as a recreation area and a romantic refuge for the couple. The garden that surrounds the chalet, with many water lines, encompasses countless nooks and corners to explore, such as the Countess Fernery or the Chalet Stones.

Capacity: 50 pax sitting | 70 pax standing

Accessibility: Accessible to people with mobility restrictions

Characteristics: Romantic natural landscape surrounding the venue

PNP Jardins Chalet Bx Rd

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Event suggestion

  • Exclusive visit to the National Palace of Pena
  • Reception: Stag Room
  • Cerimony: Stag Terrace
  • Photo shoot: Exterior terraces
  • Dinner: Room of Arches
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