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Make the most of your visit to the Park of Pena with the Pena Maps mobile solution, using your smartphone.


Accessible through QRCodes installed at strategic points in the park, this mobile solution includes route suggestions, including the recommended points of interest as well as the location of the park and palace's various support services. It also features a "how to get there" tool, which shows the way to the chosen point of interest and the distance in real time. For those who, in addition to the park, also plan to visit the palace, there is another useful feature: the possibility of configuring an alert for the scheduled time slot to visit the palace, indicating the recommended route to reach the site on time. This application can also send notifications about ongoing events on the same day, as well as relevant notices.

Instructions for use

This mobile solution does not need to be installed on your smartphone.


  • With your smartphone, open the browser page accessible through the QR codes available in the park or the link available on this webpage. Alternatively you can also access the QR code below.
  • Choose your route;
  • Follow the route or click on points of interest to access the "how to get there" tool.


NOTE: This solution should be used as support tool to your visit to this monument and is accessible only on smartphones

Discover the available routes

  • PALACE (465m, 15 min): route to Palace of Pena, departing from the main entrance.
  • CRUZ ALTA (795m, 25 min): it leads to the highest point in the Sintra Hills, the High Cross (Cruz Alta), located inside the Par of Pena, at 529 meters above sea level.
  • LAKES (930m, 35 min): recommended short route for those who want to visit the Valley of Lakes starting from the area surrounding the palace.
  • CHALET (1250m, 40 min): it leads to the Chalet and Garden of the Countess of Edla, located in the westernmost part of the Park of Pena.


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  • Spanish
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