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What are the most beautiful places to visit in Sintra during the winter?

19 Jan 2023

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Winter in Sintra is cold, rainy and wonderful. Some species regularly bloom at this time, some animals hide from the cold, but others continue to surprise us in some corners of the Sintra Mountains.


If you’re thinking of taking a tour of the most beautiful corners of Sintra in the winter, here are the places you cannot miss:


Camellia Garden in the Park of Pena - this is the time for camellias and Pena Park contains some of the most incredible species in the world! It's worth visiting.

National Palace of Pena - take advantage of the low tourism season to visit this Sintra jewel at your leisure, with fewer visitors than usual.

Rose Garden of the Park of Monserrate - this is the perfect time of year to see one of the most beautiful parts of Monserrate Park in bloom.

Convent of the Capuchos - it’s very interesting to witness firsthand the difficulties that the friars faced at this time of year. A tip: bring a coat and warm boots.