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Digital guide


Conceived jointly by all the members of the project "Between Mnemosyne and Terpsychore - Heritage Sites and Contemporary Dance for the promotion of critical thinking among pupils" and written by the palace teams, the digital guides are the main reference work for the implementation of the pedagogical activities associated with the project.


Two guides were produced, one for each palace, but both deal with the same themes and ask the same questions. They are structured into eight chapters, five of which deal with the themes that formed the basis of the reflections of the students involved in the project: Nature, Power, Memory, Body and Senses. In this guide, we have added three more themes: Time, Education and Faraway. The challenge is the same: starting from the palace and thinking about issues beyond the history of the building that can connect the visitor-reader with contemporaneity. The guides are made to stimulate minds and develop critical thinking, essential skills for a democratic and actively involved society.

Project Erasmus+

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