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Entry to the Palace of Pena with booked date and time

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There is a new way to purchase tickets online for the Park and National Palace of Pena: you can now buy tickets in advance, selecting the date and time you wish to visit the monument.

Purchasing tickets with a booked date and time means:


  • you have priority access to the inside of the palace at the scheduled time;


  • you receive a 5% discount when purchasing the ticket online;


  • you get more time to visit everything included in the ticket: Park, Palace and Chalet of the Countess of Edla

See the conditions here

  • Tickets for entering the Park and Palace of Pena, with a booked date and time for the palace visit, are sold exclusively online at and include a 5% discount.
  • Ticket holders with a booked date and time enjoy priority access into the palace at the scheduled time.
  • The date and time indicated on the ticket correspond to your entry date and time for the museum circuit inside the Palace of Pena.
  • Please do not arrive late. In the event of late arrival to the palace, the ticket holder will be subject to admission criteria determined by the number of visitors at the time.
  • Please take into account the time needed to get from the park entrance to the palace (around 30 minutes).
  • Plan your route through Sintra in advance, according to your mode of travel, in order to arrive at the location at the desired time.
New purchase method

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