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Henrique Calado Riding Ring – Portuguese School of Equestrian Art Gardens and National Palace of Queluz

Over the course of a day, take a voyage into the past and discover the traditions and customs of the Portuguese court in the 18th century.



Um dia para visitar a Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre e o Palácio Nacional e Jardins de Queluz

Horários indicativos

Com exceção do Picadeiro Henrique Calado, o tempo de visita é flexível e depende apenas dos horários de abertura e encerramento




No Picadeiro Henrique Calado não é permitido fotografar. No Palácio Nacional e Jardins de Queluz são permitidas fotografias para fins particulares, sem tripé e sem flash nos interiores


O Picadeiro Henrique Calado fica na Calçada da Ajuda, em Belém. Saindo de Lisboa pela IC19, a primeira saída para Queluz leva diretamente ao Palácio Nacional de Queluz.

Portuguese School of Equestrian Art


Start this route in the Belém area of Lisbon, with a visit to the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art

Escola Portuguesa De Arte Equestre Pas De Trois Picadeiro Henrique Calado Belem
30 min

Henrique Calado Riding Ring

30 min

We begin with a visit to the Henrique Calado Riding Ring, in Belém, where you can watch the displays of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, with its Pure Blood Lusitano horses from the Alter stud farm. Preserving the equestrian tradition of the 18th-century Portuguese court, the School encourages the teaching, practice and promotion of this art, which is also reflected in the costumes, harnesses and accessories used.

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30 min

Nora Patio

30 min

At Nora Patio, you can see how the handlers take care of the horses and, as part of the Mornings of Equestrian Art programme, watch training exercises for the Galas and Shows held by the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, promoting the Lusitano breed of horse and the Portuguese equestrian tradition, which is a unique example of cultural heritage in the world.

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The Gardens and National Palace of Queluz


The headquarters of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art is located in the Gardens of the National Palace of Queluz, which is the next stop on this route.

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National Palace of Queluz


The National Palace of Queluz, a demonstration of the evolution of tastes and styles of the period in which it was built, including Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical elements, was the setting for several important episodes in the life of the Royal Family and in the history of Portugal and Brazil. The palace was lived in permanently until the departure of the Royal Family for Brazil, at the time of the French invasions, and it was here that Pedro IV (I of Brazil) died, in the same room in which he had been born 35 years earlier. Highlights include the Throne Room, the Music Room, the Ambassadors Room and the Don Quixote Room, but all the rooms reflect the grandeur and luxury that characterised the 18th century.

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Gardens of Queluz


The Gardens, which were the setting for serenades, cavalhadas (traditional Portuguese tournaments) and fireworks, evoke classical mythology. Points of interest include the Grand Cascade, the Botanical Garden and the Upper Gardens. At the Tiled Canal, the Royal Family would go boating, admiring the fantastical landscapes on the large tile panels.
The Gardens and the ample spaces of the Palace are naturally safe and allow for social distancing to be observed without restricting the visit.

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Este roteiro inclui:

Parques De Sintra EPAE

Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre

Parques De Sintra Palacio De Queluz

Jardins e Palácio Nacional de Queluz


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