Palace of Pena: interior visit by time slots only; verify the entrance date and time on your ticket; there is no delay tolerance. /// Palace of Queluz: closed on May 20 /// Convent of the Capuchos: closed on May 20

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Portuguese School of Equestrian Art

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Visiting the Henrique Calado Riding Ring provides an opportunity to travel through national history and learn about the beauty of Lusitano horses bred on the Coudelaria de Alter stud farm, serving this art form ever since the 18th century. The venue that now welcomes the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art Galas underwent a complete refurbishment by Parques de Sintra that endowed it with new facilities, especially in terms of technical capacities. With a 282 seat capacity, this enables the observation of both the performances and the training sessions, as well as containing a cafeteria and store. The main public entrance, directly from the street, Calçada da Ajuda, enables access to all the available services for persons with mobility restrictions.


Due to the health security measures currently in force in the Portuguese national territory, the Henrique Calado Riding Ring is temporarily closed.

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