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Moorish Castle






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Located in a place that was occupied during the Prehistorical period, the Moorish Castle was founded in the 10th century. Over time, ir has been the object of several alterations, that resulted in the fortification that is found there today.

In the guided visit, the participants are guided through a historical and archaeological journey through time, where the most striking periods of the monument are addressed, such as the medieval period and the romantic reconstruction promoted by King Ferdinand II, in the 19th century. Overlooking the town of Sintra, the view of the Moorish Castle also allows the exploration of various elements of the surrounding landscape.


The route is accessible with constraints, such as slopes and uneven ground. It is possible to book Swisstrack equipment.


17 €
15 €
15 €
Family (2 adults+2 children)
53 €

Additional Information

Guided tours are available according to the schedule at the Parques de Sintra online ticket office.

The price includes entrance fee to the monuments.

You can book an exclusive guided visit for a group by sending an email to [email protected] 

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