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Annual tourism professional card

Bilheteira Ticket Office


The issue of the Annual Tourism Professional Card may be requested via email sent to [email protected], together with the following documentation:


  • Document demonstrating registration with RNAAT. Should the cardholder not feature on this register, then the respective company needs to provide a declaration stating that the card is being issued to a member of staff in its service (this declaration needs to include the complete name and civil identification number of the aforementioned employee).




  • Document demonstrating registration with any of the European entities recognised by the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG).




  • Tourism certificate of technical training (level IV or higher).


For the annual pass to be issued it is also necessary to accept Parques de Sintra's privacy policy by signing the corresponding document.


After sending the necessary documentation and accepting the terms and conditions of our Privacy Police, the pass in digital format will be issued within the next two business days.


NB: The Parques de Sintra ticket offices do not issue annual tourism professional cards.

Terms and conditions of use

  • The Annual Tourism Professional Card remains valid for a period of twelve months following its issuing.


  • The Annual Tourism Professional Card is issued on a personal and non-transferrable basis.


  • You may be requested to present your Citizen Card in order to verify the annual cardholder details.


  • Parques de Sintra reserves the right to withdraw professional cards on the grounds of undue usage or document illegibility.

Do not forget to join to your request

  • one of the three certification documents listed on this page;
  • and the acceptance of Parques de Sintra's privacy police (see below). 

Privacy police