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Make the most of your visit to the Gardens of the National Palace of Queluz with the Queluz Maps web app, using your smartphone.


Accessible through QRCodes integrated in the gardens signage, this mobile solution includes two route options of different durations and characteristics, including the recommended points of interest on each route as well as the location of the park's various support services. It also features a "how to get there" tool, which shows the way to the chosen point of interest and the distance in real time.

Instructions for use

  • With your smartphone, open the browser page accessible through the QR codes available on the park signs or go to Alternatively you can also access the QR code below.
  • Choose your desired route;
  • Follow the route or click on points of interest to access the "how to get there" tool.


NOTE: This app should be used as support tool to your visit to this monument and is accessible only on smartphones

Discover the available routes

  • Complete route, one hour, approximately 1.7km long, for those who wish to visit the New Garden and the stables.
  • Short route, 30 minutes, around 800m, passing through the Botanical Garden and Waterfall.


  • Portuguese
  • English
  • Spanish
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