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Mário Laginha Trio

04 Mario Laginha Trio


Park of Monserrate's Lawn


18 September 2022


7.30 pm

1 concert ticket


Cycle ticket (4 concerts)


Mário Laginha’s musical career is too extensive to describe in a few words. When he releases a new album with his trio the expectation is always huge. The trio was formed about 16 years ago and there is a great camaraderie between its members (Bernardo Moreira on the double bass and Alexandre Frazão on drums), who offer us music conceived by the pianist but which feeds on the collective spirit that gives it its breath. The quality of the compositions, together with a fertile improvising imagination, lends this music a high level of artistic expression, placing this group among the great piano trios that jazz has produced.




  • Muirapuama
  • Onagra
  • Sete
  • Desassossego
  • A Jangada de Pedra
  • Procura
  • Coral n.º 2
  • Coro das Meninas

All compositions are by Mário Laginha.

This program may be subject to minor changes, namely in the order of the themes.

About the program

When the pandemic made concerts impossible, we decided that every week we would get together to play, taking advantage of an opportunity that we had rarely been given. They were no rehearsals and there was none of the pressure of a concert, or having to rush off to the studio. There was just the pleasure of making music together. Over those months, we explored in a whole new way the music I’ve been writing for this trio in recent times (including during the pandemic). When we finally recorded, the result was closer to our live concerts than to the studio work. 


I like to think that there’s a shared identity in every track. The music is born in the composer’s image, but it transforms and grows with the creative contribution of Bernardo and Alexandre, eventually taking on their DNA as well. The roots of this  “Jangada” are the influences that the three of us bring from jazz, Portuguese music, classical music, and African music. It is through these influences that the music is born and it is they that guide us along our way.


There’s something miraculous about transmitting the pleasure felt by a group of musicians to the people listening. We’ll forever be chasing after that miracle.



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Open on concert days, from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

Price list

Ticket for 1 concert
15 €
Ticket for the cycle (4 concerts)
51 €

Tickets include visit to the Park and Palace of Monserrate from 6.30 pm.


  • Mário Laginha (piano)
  • Bernardo Moreira (double bass)
  • Alexandre Frazão (drums)

More information

  • The use public transport to access the Park of Monserrate is advisable. The timetable of the 435 bus route (by Scotturb), which connects the Sintra train station and the Park of Monserrate, will be extended on concert days.
  • The audience sits on the grass, which has a pronounced slope. 
  • For greater comfort, it is recommended that you bring warm clothing, comfortable shoes and a blanket.

Age guidance

6+ years old


  • Parques de Sintra


  • Clave na Mão


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