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The Daily Life of Animals

Dia A Dia Dos Animais Famílias


Farmyard of Monserrate




Families with children 3-6 years old

Meeting Point

Entrance of the Farmyard of Monserrate

The visit to the Farmyard of Monserrate is more than just a tour. It is a unique opportunity to be in Nature and to learn everything about domestic animals, but not only that! Let's meet the rabbits and the chickens, the sheep and the goats. The donkey Jacó and the mare Helena are impatiently awaiting the carrots we bring them. In the lake, you can hear frogs croaking and in the garden, ladybugs and bees work hard to feed and pollinate the plants. A unique moment to share with family.


Not accessible

Dates available

17/08/2024 - 10:30 am

16/11/2024 - 10h:30 am

Price list

8 €

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