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Music Season

Serões Musicais

National Palace of Pena

Reencontros - Memórias Musicais

National Palace of Sintra

Noites de Queluz - Tempestade e Galanterie

National Palace of Queluz

Three Cicles

  • Musical Evenings at the Palace of Pena > romantic music
  • Re-encounters – Musical Memories in the Palace of Sintra > medieval and renaissance music
  • Nights at Queluz – Tempest and Galanterie > eighteenth century music


The Music Season, promoted by Parques de Sintra-Monte da Lua since 2014, is an integral part of the series of initiatives by the company in fulfilling its mission and with a view to the study, recovery, conservation and promotion of the most important heritage values of the Sintra area, highlights among which are the National Palaces of Sintra, Pena and Queluz.


With Artistic Direction provided by the Centre of Portuguese Eighteenth Century Musical Studies – Divino Sospiro, the Music Season has sought to revitalise and stimulate the Palaces through the promotion of their oft-forgotten musical heritage, promoting the link between Heritage and Music.


Covering a vast repertoire from the medieval to the romantic periods, the Music Season is subdivided into three cycles, spread throughout the year, with specific repertoires corresponding to the period of each Palace.