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Jazz at Monserrate 2024

Jazz at Monserrate

At a time when society has become increasingly polarised, by contrast, there is a need to seek connection and gathering points. Jazz, being a musical format that was born of the mix between African music and the different cultures that flourished in the city of New Orleans at the beginning of the 20th century is, therefore, the ideal cradle for this convergence.


With the grandeur of its cultural and natural diversity, Sintra is a privileged stage for universalist and inclusive values, where the fusion of the identities of different peoples provides a uniquely beautiful environment.


To this day, the fusion that gave rise to Jazz remains one of the main characteristics of this musical style through its ability, not only, to converge, but, above all, to serve as a starting point for almost anything. Over time, more than a closed genre unto itself, Jazz has become a way of listening, playing and approaching musical creation.


At Jazz at Monserrate 2024, we intend to show just that: reflecting together on the question of “What is Jazz?” and what is the role we want it to play for the audience and for today's society, within a setting that represents one of the most significant Romantic landscape creations in Portugal, in which species from all over the world coexist in harmony, transporting us to distant lands along its winding paths, and among its ruins, corners, lakes and waterfalls.


These moments of discovery are presented through a programme that includes national and international musicians, both new and established, and singers and instrumentalists who started from Jazz, but did not stop there. We will also include concerts for families that will help us discover this scope, taking us, throughout the month of September, on a journey from the origins of Jazz to its current format, and inspiring young audiences (and beyond) to get a better understanding of what this musical style is in its various forms.


This will be the main focus of the programming for the third edition of the Jazz festival at Monserrate. To ensure that the entire community is involved, there are three core lines of thought: showcasing the breadth that the term “jazz” encompasses, through stylistically varied programming; guaranteeing an opportunity for training, through a masterclass that will enable young students to closely engage with a renowned musician; and organising jam sessions and concerts for families that will act as a point of convergence between students, professionals and the public.


In September, the contrasting environments of the Park of Monserrate once again become a meeting point for generations, harmony, discovery and fusion, where Jazz is the protagonist.

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Sunset concerts (Fridays and Saturdays)

  • 06/09 - 7 pm | Eduardo Cardinho Quintet
  • 07/09 - 7 pm | André Rosinha “Triskel”
  • 13/09 - 7 pm | Emma Frank Quartet
  • 14/09 - 7 pm | Filipa Franco Quintet “Imagem”
  • 20/09 - 7 pm | Loulé Jazz Trio invites Jorge Rossy
  • 21/09 - 7 pm | João Bernardo and Augusto Baschera
  • 27/09 - 7 pm | Margarida Campelo “Supermarket joy”
  • 28/09 - 7 pm | Alexandre Frazão Quintet


Concerts for families (Saturdays)

  • 07/09, 14/09, 21/09, 28/09 - 11 am | “What is Jazz?” with Catarina dos Santos and Jam Session



  • 21/09, 2 pm | Masterclass with Jorge Rossy

Price list

Sunset concerts
15 €

Concerts for families

Free upon purchase of park entrance ticket


Free upon prior registration

Free transportation for ticket holders for sunset concerts

  • Route: Portela de Sintra Station (south side) <> Sintra Station <> Monserrate
  • Departures from Portela de Sintra Station: from 6 pm
  • Departures from Monserrate: after the end of the concert

How to get there


  • Artistic direction: Inês Laginha
  • Promotor: Parques de Sintra
  • Patron: BPI Fundação "La Caixa"
  • Support: Sintra City Hall
  • Official radio station: Smooth FM

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