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João Bernardo and Augusto Baschera

Jazzemmonserrate 240921 1900 Joao Bernardo+Augusto Baschera


Park of Monserrate


21 September 2024


7 pm



The transatlantic duo of Augusto Baschera (Brazil) and João Bernardo (Portugal) was formed in 2018 and the pair have released two albums, entitled ‘Grey City’ (2020) and ‘Tempos e Lugares’ (2022). With co-authorship as a particular feature of the composition process, the result of this phonographic sequence reveals the evolution of the duo's voice, which is also fuelled by the interaction and involvement of the musicians at the time of the performance.

Through a balance and subtlety that illustrates contrasts, the project's driving force is the timbric fusion of piano and guitar. The duo's records feature original compositions influenced by popular, classical and jazz music, with the music itself emerging from a rural voice and developing through a modern language in a juxtaposition of contrasting realities.


  • João Bernardo (piano)
  • Augusto Maschera (electric guitar)

Price list

Sunset concerts
15 €

Concerts for families

Free upon purchase of park entrance ticket


Free upon prior registration

Additional information

  • The ticket grants access to the Park of Monserrate from 6.15 pm.
  • The audience sits on the grass, which has a steep slope. For greater comfort, wearing warm clothing, comfortable shoes and a blanket is advisable.
  • There is no delay tolerance.
  • Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, except in the event of a change of date or cancellation.

Free transportation for ticket holders to this concert

  • Route: Portela de Sintra Station (south side) <> Sintra Station <> Monserrate
  • Departures from Portela de Sintra Station: from 6 pm
  • Departures from Monserrate: after the end of the concert

How to get there

Age guidance

6+ years old


  • Artistic direction: Inês Laginha
  • Promotor: Parques de Sintra
  • Patron: BPI Fundação "La Caixa"
  • Support: Sintra City Hall
  • Official radio station: Smooth FM

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