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Rehabilitation of the surrounding landscape

  • The landscape surrounding the convent was rehabilitated through the re-establishment of the convent enclosure and the network of paths within it. This involved repairing the paving and related finishings, the flower beds, stairways and walls, high and low. The water conveyance structures were also restored and there was a comprehensive review of the corresponding capture and conveyance system outside the convent grounds (in the Ferdinand II Hunting Grounds and the Sintra Hills Forest Perimeter). These works re-established a functional water system at the Convent of the Capuchos.


  • The boundaries to the property were also replaced with metal fence panels pre-planted with native species and the landscape surrounding the convent complex was enhanced on the basis of a botanical study identifying the property’s floristic list, carried out in 2017 by the School of Agriculture. These works continued the conversion of the vegetation of the surrounding area through the progressive replacement of the eucalyptus and acacia trees with native species, so as to bring its make-up closer to that of the existing area of native forest within the convent grounds.