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On arrival
There is a disabled persons car parking space available.

The majority of members of staff have undergone basic Portuguese Sign Language training and hence contact may be made through this means on arrival at the ticket office.

Enjoying the park
Manual, folding wheelchairs are available following their due reservation.
In case of the accompanying person or the occupant experiencing difficulties in manoeuvring the manual wheelchairs as far as the Palace transfer pick-up point, assistance may be provided on this stretch.

There is a paid transport service (transfer) running every 15 minutes between the main entrance and the Palace with the means of taking wheelchairs on board. Disabled visitors receive discounts on the transfer ticket cost. The bus provides wheelchair access via a platform at the rear of the vehicles that lifts the visitor into the vehicles. A member of staff or the driver will help ensure wheelchair access to the bus without any need for prior reservation.

Maria Mane Carrinha Palacio Pena Credits PSML Wilsonpereira 2014 19 (1) (1)

Those opting not to take the aforementioned transport service may choose the ramp fitted route up to the entrance of the Palace whilst taking into account that  this route is not only long and very steep but also necessarily requires assistance.

New traction equipment suitable for the majority of manual wheelchairs is also available through reservation and ensures lesser effort is required and greater speed of travel along the aforementioned pathway.

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Should the equipment not be pre-reserved, the visitor is subject to its respective availability. The assembly time for visitor manual wheelchairs takes around 20 minutes. Visitors may make usage of the equipment throughout 90 minutes with a 15 minute allowance period before returning it to the site agreed.

There is also the electric powered – Hop On Hop Off – transport service that carries wheelchair passengers without any need to exit their chairs. This thus enables autonomous visits to various places throughout the park.

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The aforementioned traction equipment may also be requested to ensure autonomous visits to the Park of Pena with the route indicated on the respective map that is best recommended for such means of mobility.

Guided tours may be requested with any special visitor needs indicated on making the respective reservations.


Palace of Pena
The (transfer) transport available ends at the foot of the Palace. We would note the existence of a steeply sloping access ramp leading up to the Palace entranceway. This ramp from the foot to the Palace spans some 90 metres with its inclination ascending to 18% along some stretches. When duly reserved, the already mentioned traction equipment may be made available at the foot of the Palace for visitor utilisation and thereby ensuring visitor enjoyment of this route in safety and with autonomy.

Manual, folding wheelchairs are available following their due reservation.

The Palace of Pena store, restaurant and cafeteria have recently been refurbished and are accessible to all visitors. There is a WC with disabled access provision and an elevator linking the different floors and leading up to the cafeteria terraces. Manual wheelchair reservations may be made in the Palace store.

The connection between cafeteria terrace and the Palace terraces currently involves a flight of stairs. A mechanical alternative, however, is now undergoing testing.

Psml Acolhe Melhor Ppena Credits PSML WP 14 3 (1) (1)

The signposting in the Palace of Pena store, restaurant and cafeteria was renovated and is now more accessible through the inclusion of pictograms, anti-reflection panels and more legible lettering.

The interior of the Palace unfortunately does not prove accessible to persons facing mobility restrictions due to the presence of stairways throughout the visitor route.

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The Palace of Pena group room is accessible through a Lifting Platform.


Entrance to the Park – Palace of Pena
– Shortest route (non-inclusive due to the existence of stairs) – 380 metres
– Physical barrier free route and the most appropriate for persons with mobility restrictions – 600 metres

Entrance Gate to the Chalet – Chalet of the Countess of Edla
– Inclusive route – 100 metres

Entrance Gate to the Chalet – Stables
– Inclusive route – 570 metres

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