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Carrossel, Creditos Afonso Bordallo Rodrigues (Baixa Resolução)


Portuguese School of Equestrain Art

Nicoral Créditos Abrfotografia (6)

Nicoral was born in Alter on March 20, 2017 as a result of the relationship between Califa II and Fihada. As his maternal grandfather, Helxir, has many children at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, Nicoral can count on the help and company of his numerous and talented uncles, Hihato, Hohasis, Hihope, Hihoro and Hihufi. When Nicoral arrived at the School he reencountered Marvão, his older brother on his mother's side. Nicoral delights everyone who crosses paths with him, and his rider says that he is as friendly as he is handsome.