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PNP Auditório Abegoaria Bx Rd

Stables Auditorium

The Auditorium is located in the Stables of the Pena Farm, which was once the main building that supported the agricultural activities in the ornamental farm of the Park of Pena, which created a recreational bucolic scenario.

Capacity: 60 pax sitting

Accessibility: Accessible to people with mobility restrictions

Characteristics: It is possible to associate the use of this venue with other activities, whether inside the building or in the exterior


PNP Auditório Palácio Bx

Palace Auditorium

Room originally used as the Crown Prince Luís’ private chambers (office, bedrooms and toilette). Today it is an open circular space with wooden floor and natural light.

Capacity: 60 pax sitting

Accessibility: Access through staircases

Characteristics: 360º view over the Sintra Hills, the Atlantic Ocean, Cascais and Lisbon

PM Auditório Bx

Auditorium of Monserrate

With large windows overlooking the gardens from the fist first floor of the palace, over the main entrance, the Auditorium is located in Francis Cook's former private quarters, which were demolished in the 20th century.

Capacity: 50 pax sitting

Accessibility: Accessible through stairs

Characteristics: Natural light and excellent acoustics

PNQ Auditorio

Auditorium of the National Palace of Queluz

With an excellent location, next to the cafeteria’s terrace and the Events Room, the Auditorium features direct access to the exterior and the gardens. It is fully equipped, which makes this the perfect setting for a corporate event.

Capacity: 80 pax sitting

Accessibility: Accessible to people with mobility restrictions.

Characteristics: Direct access to the gardens, the terrace, the events room and the cafeteria.

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