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Park of Monserrate to allow dogs

09 Feb 2024

Following on from the Moorish Castle, the first site managed by Parques de Sintra to allow dogs, visitors to the Park of Monserrate will now also be able to bring their canine companions along with them. The measure will come into force on 12 February, a symbolic date, being Darwin Day, commemorating the famous English naturalist and contemporary of Sir Francis Cook, the wealthy English industrialist who, in the 19th century, transformed the Park and Palace of Monserrate into what we know today.


To ensure the well-being of the animals concerned, the necessary amenities have been provided in the Park of Monserrate, including a drinking trough for dogs; places where owners can leave them safely while they visit the areas off-limits to animals; and bag dispensers to pick up any dog waste.


For the safety of both visitors and their pets, there are places in the Park of Monserrate where dogs will not be allowed. This is why, before taking your dog for a walk here, you should check the Parques de Sintra website first and download the information leaflet, which contains all the access rules and a map showing the places where animals are allowed, as well as the location of the amenities provided.


Each visitor may bring one dog only and, at the entrance to the Park of Monserrate, must request a free ticket for their pet, which must be microchipped and on a non-retractable lead, among other conditions. There will be a limit of 5 dogs in the space at any one time.

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