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"Magical Garden Aladdin Sintra" – Videomapping, augmented reality and holograms in Queluz until September

03 Jul 2023

Magic has arrived in Queluz – and it came on a flying carpet! Having kicked off on 28 June, "Magical Garden Aladdin Sintra" is an immersive and interactive show that brings light and magic to the New Garden of the National Palace of Queluz.


Aladdin, Princess Jasmine and the Genie are the protagonists of this show, developed by the OCUBO studio in partnership with Parques de Sintra, with the support of Sintra Municipal Council.


The atmosphere of 18th-century night-time festivities returns to Queluz, with the fireworks and traditional lanterns that enlivened the court parties in the palace gardens now replaced by multimedia installations that create unique sound and visual environments. Through a careful combination of luminous sculptures, video mapping, augmented reality and interactive installations, visitors will be able to rediscover and experience this space in a completely new way and immerse themselves and their senses in the imaginary world of Aladdin. 


The story is told through holograms that bring the main characters to life, in a night route of about 1 km that places the audience at the centre of all the action and makes them an integral part of the story. Visitors can also walk through a tunnel of light that gives the illusion of "travelling" on Aladdin's flying carpet, make wishes to the Genie through an augmented reality installation, and watch an impressive water fan that measures over 10 metres wide.


"Magical Garden Aladdin Sintra" will be in the New Garden of the National Palace of Queluz until 10 September. Tickets cost between €8 and €14, with free entry for children up to 3 years old.

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