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Restoration of built elements in the convent grounds

  • Conservation and restoration of the Fountain Courtyard, the Chapel of Our Lord in Gethsemane, the Bread Oven, the Summerhouse, the Vegetable Garden Tank and the Washroom


  • Restoration and adaptation of the Garden House;


  • Installation of infrastructures (water supply, drains, energy and telecommunications);


  • Restoration of the traditional water distribution system, tanks and fountains;


  • Restoration of the paths network and the convent grounds;


  • Enhancement of the native woodland;


  • Conversion of the former asphalt access road to the convent into a granite macadam road that follows a more cohesive line, from the point of view of the landscape, closer to the organic nature of the old pilgrim road (for pedestrian access and emergency and service/maintenance vehicles);


  • Improvements to the car park.