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Parques De Sintra Palacio De Queluz

Points of Interest

The Gardens and National Palace of Queluz

Parques De Sintra Palacio De Queluz Capela

The Chapel, completed in 1752 according to the design by Mateus Vicente de Oliveira, is one of the oldest sections of this Palace. The gilded wood, highly delicate and executed with a perfect technique, was the work of the master carver Silvestre Faria Lobo.


Recourse to that known as “imitation painting” or marbling, simulated through recourse to painted wood or to canvases applied over the wood, conveys an opulence that was very specific to the Baroque and Rococo styles.


The painting on the main altar depicts Our Lady of Conception, the patron of Queluz, and was the work of André Gonçalves.