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Portuguese School of Equestrian Art

578 Cavaleiros Joaoquintas RF L0388

He began riding at the age of six in the Equestrian School of the Portuguese Riding Society. He was a student of the former riders of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, João Trigueiros de Aragão and D. José de Athayde, who acted to ensure he joined the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art as a student on turning 16. He also received classes from the rider Emídio Pinto. Aged 18, he participated in his first School performances and has since featured in the overwhelming majority of performances both in Portugal and internationally. He has entered every performance number particularly excelling in the solos, riding with just one hand the horses he has trained. In 2002, he completed an internship in École Nationale d’Équitation – Le Cadre Noir de Saumur, France.

In 2004, he was the rider selected to represent the School and presenting an Alter Real Lusitano horse at the Global Dressage Forum held in the Netherlands.