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Carrossel, Creditos Afonso Bordallo Rodrigues (Baixa Resolução)


Portuguese School of Equestrian Art

APP1116 Xajeco SF 0472

March 23, 2003, was a day marked in Alter by the birth of Xajeco, son of Joca and Quinjara. Xajeco revealed skills for performing the most demanding exercises in the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art performances and thus was selected to join the School at the age of four. His specialty are the Airs Above the Ground whether by hand or while ridden - in which he excels in the Caprioles - and the challenging Court Games. Usually he takes part in performances alongside his maternal brother, Dihego, also one of the stars of the School. Xajeco may not have a particularly easy temper but he is a “force of nature”, both very fast and fearless.