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Carrossel, Creditos Afonso Bordallo Rodrigues (Baixa Resolução)


Portuguese School of Equestrian Art

Nublado Créditos Abrfotografia (4)

Fruit of the relationship between Beirão and Enjeitada, Nublado was born on February 23, 2017, in Alter. He came to the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art at the same time as his brother Nubio and here he found two other brothers from his father's side, Hobelix and Jaborandi. Later, another brother from his mother's side, Oboé, joined them. Grandson of the mythical horse Rubi, who placed 16th in the KUR final at the London Olympics in 2012, Nublado is a kind horse but neighs a lot, even thought, like the saying goes, “barking dog never bites”. Its first presentation to the public was at the Equestrian Gala in January 2023 in the Carousel of Young Horses number.