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Carrossel, Creditos Afonso Bordallo Rodrigues (Baixa Resolução)


Portuguese School of Equestrian Art

APP578 Local RF 9941

Local was born on March 17th, 2015, in Alter, as a result of a relationship between Cajabel and Xihorpa. At the School, Local has inumerous paternal uncles: Cajado, Que-Jago, Queijo, Quejal, Hojival, Ijaque, Ajacto and Lajeado, all of them sons of his grandfather Jacaré II. He also has a brother from his mother side, Jaque. Local radiates rebellion and sympathy since 2019, when he arrived at the School, and his rider says he is calm, attentive and promising… although sometimes may be a little bit lazy.