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Carrossel, Creditos Afonso Bordallo Rodrigues (Baixa Resolução)


Portuguese School of Equestrian Art

APP1116 Bambu SF 9107

Bambu was born on 19 April 2006. Aged four, he left his mother Tentação behind in Alter after his selection to join the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art where he then underwent training. Despite his father, Bau, having been a star in the “Solo” and “Carousel” exercises throughout many years, it is in the ridden “Airs above the Ground”, especially in the “Levades”, that Bambu best performs. At the School, he has two brothers from his father’s side: Veber and Xabregas. Despite demonstrating a wide range of capacities, there is a need to convince him as Bambu is a touch lazy.