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Zoomguide Site

Learn more about the objects on display at the National Palace of Sintra through your smartphone, using Zoomguide, a web app that uses artificial intelligence.


In a first phase, this app will allow you to explore the objects that exist in the section of the museum route dedicated to Politics, which includes the Manueline Room and Queen Maria Pia's Chambers, the last monarch to inhabit the Palace.


With contents fully developed by researchers and curators of Parques de Sintra, this is an innovative way to learn about the collection of this ancient monument in more detail.


ZoomGuide is an online tool developed within the scope of the Check-in program, which promotes innovation in the field of tourism, organized by Nova SBE | Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute and promoted by Turismo de Portugal.

Instructions for use

  1. Go to
  2. Choose an object displayed in the Palace
  3. Photograph it using the app
  4. Access the content about it


NOTE: This app can only be used as complement to the visit, being accessible only through smartphones