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Biodiversity Workshops: building shelters and feeders

Actividades Quintinha Credits PSML WP 16 350


Farmyard of Monserrate

Target audience

Pre-school, 1st and 2nd cycles



Meeting Point

Entrance to Farmyard of Monserrate


21 923 73 00

In the forests and gardens there are many animals that keep nature healthy. These birds, insects and bats ensure pollination, disperse seeds, and help fight pests. All year round they need to find food, shelter, and safe places to reproduce.

In this workshop we'll get to know these animals and use everyday instruments to create bird feeders and insect shelters to help these animals inhabit the spaces around us. Immersed in the forest of the Sintra hills, the Farmyard of Monserrate is the place chosen to come "get your hands dirty" and meet "Nature's little helpers".


Not accessible.

Price list

School group ticket (1 to 15 students)
75 €

Additional Information

Each group ticket (1 to 15 students) includes the free participation of 2 teachers.

Each group can be made up of a maximum of 15 students.

Languages available: Portuguese and English

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