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The President of the Republic to award decorations to the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art at the Gala commemorating the institution's 45th anniversary

22 May 2024

The President of the Republic announced that he will award decorations, for the first time, on behalf of the Portuguese State, to the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art (EPAE), on the occasion of the celebrations of the institution's 45th anniversary, the commemorative Gala for which will take place on 13 September at 9:30 pm, at Sagres Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa stressed that the EPAE is ‘the heir of a centuries-old past dating back to the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries,’ and therefore deserves ‘tribute and gratitude.’ The disclosure was made last Sunday, 19 May, at the closing of the 66th edition of the Military Equestrian Week, at the Military School of Arms, in Mafra.


The announcement of this award further enhances the international Gala celebrating the EPAE's 45th anniversary, which will feature the Real Escuela Andaluza Del Arte Ecuestre, from Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), the Abu Dhabi Royal Equestrian Arts (United Arab Emirates), which is making its debut in Portugal, and the Lezíria Grande Equestrian Centre, founded by Master Luís Valença, an indispensable figure of Equestrian Art in Portugal, who will be honoured during the show.


A unique programme is being prepared for this festive evening, celebrating culture and tradition, while fully respecting the horse. With music and choreography taking centre stage, the show combines the harmony and complicity between Man and Horse, built and perfected over the centuries. The schools will present their own numbers, but also jointly-performed routines, with highlights including the Airs Above the Ground, with horses from the four schools, ridden and led by hand, and the Long Reins, performed by the EPAE and the Real Escuela Andaluza Del Arte Ecuestre.


A total of 32 riders and 50 horses will be on stage at the iconic Sagres Campo Pequeno, accompanied by handlers and support staff - in the case of the EPAE, and following the tradition started by King João V in the 18th century, all of the horses are Lusitanos from the Alter Real Stud Farm. For approximately two hours, they will treat the audience to a top-quality show, during which the schools present will showcase the best of traditional horsemanship from their countries.


Tickets for the 45th Anniversary of Equestrian Art Gala, with prices starting at €26, are now on sale online at Ticketline and at all usual points of sale (Fnac, Worten, etc.).

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