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Parques de Sintra rehabilitates part of the roofs and walls of the National Palace of Sintra

23 Nov 2022

The rehabilitation project of the roofs and walls of the building that houses some of the most important rooms of the National Palace of Sintra is underway. This project includes the Prison Room of King Afonso VI, which features a rare example of 15th century Hispano-Moorish tile flooring. Located in the north wing, in the oldest part of the Royal Palace, this building is usually called "Bonet" (or Bonnay). It seems that this name is linked to Jacques Étienne de Frambourg Bonnay, master of the royal kitchens during the reign of Queen Maria II, who was probably the last person to inhabit the upper floor rooms of this part of the Palace.


The main aims of the intervention are to reinforce the walls and revise the support structure of the roof and ceilings. At the same time, conservation work will be carried out on both the façades and the interior. The works are part of the Parques de Sintra Heritage Management Plan, developed with the aim of preventing irreversible heritage losses and thus ensuring the valorisation and preservation of heritage for future generations.


The project constitutes an investment of around €270,000.00 and is expected to be completed within six months.

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