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Parques de Sintra nominated for “World's Leading Conservation Company” at the 2023 World Travel Awards

20 Oct 2023

Parques de Sintra has been nominated for the World Travel Awards in the category of “World's Leading Conservation Company”. This is its eleventh nomination, after having won the last ten consecutive editions (between 2013 and 2022).


Created in 1993, the World Travel Awards are internationally considered to be the “Oscars of tourism”, making them one of the most prestigious honours that companies in the industry can receive. Each year, they reward excellence in all sectors of the industry, with the brand being recognised globally as a seal of quality.


Winning these prestigious awards over the last decade has been an important international recognition of the high quality of Parques de Sintra's work, helping to establish it as a benchmark company in the field.


Voting for the 30th edition of the Word Travel Awards is taking place on the organisation's official website until the end of 17 November and is open to both tourism professionals and the general public.


All you have to do to vote for Parques de Sintra is:


1) Register or log in at

2) In the "SELECT A REGION" box, choose "WORLD".

3) In the "OUTSTANDING VOTES" box, choose the "WORLD'S LEADING CONSERVATION COMPANY" category (no. 78, numbering may change during the voting period).



The winners of this edition will be announced at a date and place to be announced shortly by the organisation.

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