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Exclusive visits

What if you had the sunset view from Palace of Pena all to yourself? Ever wished you could look up at the chimneys of the National Palace of Sintra without other people’s voices echoing around you? Want to give your family an incredible experience as you dine at the National Palace of Queluz? Do you dream of seeing nature come to life in the grounds of the Palace of Monserrate? With your dreams in mind, Parques de Sintra has created a one-off campaign for this summer, offering exclusive visits to the four palaces that it manages in Sintra. Our aim is to make these unique experiences available to people in Portugal, especially families, who are looking for activities that they can take part in safely.


These visits take place outside of the monuments’ normal opening hours, when groups will have the palaces to themselves. The monuments included in the initiative are the National Palace of Sintra, the National Palace of Queluz, the Palace of Monserrate and the National Palace of Pena.


As well as an exclusive visit to the palace of your choice and a tour of the monument, a range of catering options are also available to supplement this unique experience: choose from breakfast/brunch, a welcome drink/cocktail or dinner.

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Available for groups from 2 participants (subject to change based on recommendations from the Directorate-General of Health).

Exclusive visits

See the palaces where you can live this experience